Download - Gold WhatsaApp Web | Latest version in 2022

Download - Gold WhatsaApp Web version 

If you are looking to download a free, gold Whatsapp web version for Windows. You are in the right place. In this article, we tell you How to download the Gold Whatsapp web version on your window Computer and Laptop. We have covered a lot of parts in this article related to Gold Whatsapp Web. 

I assure you that after reading this article you will not need to go anywhere else to download Gold WhatsApp on your computer. We post the article a few days ago, Download Gold Whatsapp Apk version for Android free we search for some people who need the gold WhatsApp web version so for this reason we write this post. 

Table Of Content
  1. Download Gold Whatsapp Web Version 
  2. How to Install Gold Whatsapp Web On Computer or mac
  3. How to Use Gold Whatsapp Web version
  4. Conclusion

How To Download Gold Whatsapp web version

The first thing you have to do is to download Gold WhatsApp on your pc, we have given you a link below called Download Now button, click on it and download. It will be a very easy task for you. 

  Download - Gold WhatsaApp Web

When you click on the download button above, after that a new tab will appear in front of you then you have to wait there for 15 sec and your download link is almost ready. 

How to Install Gold WhatsApp Web On Computer or mac 

First, open the file that you have downloaded from the above link, then right-click on the file with the help of the mouse. A menu will open in front of you, In this, you have to select the install option and install it. After that, you will see that Gold WhatsApp has been installed on your computer.

How to Use Gold WhatsApp Web version 

It is a pleasure for you that you have completed 100% work. Now you are going to know how to create an account in this and how you can use it. You have to open the file that you have installed gold WhatsApp. It is important that you use Gold WhatsApp on your mobile so you want to use it on your computer. 

Note: Next we have told you some special points, read these points, this is going to be very useful for you. 

  1. Open the Gold WhatsApp that you have installed on your mobile. 
  2. Go to its settings and there is a link device option and select it. 
  3. Then open the installed web on your computer. 
  4. You will get an option out of which you can scan your code and if you scan it your WhatsApp will start running on your computer as well.


We have shared with you point-to-point all the information about gold Whatsapp, we hope that you will understand every point. If this article has helped you, then you must share it with your friends and subscribe to the website to read more articles. 

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